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Monday, May 23, 2011

Watch With Me: Adventures in Food Styling: Favorite Stylists

In Friday's  post, Adventures in Food Styling: Food Fantasies in Film, we visited and viewed photos of a number of Films well known for their Fabulous Food Scenes. I promised a list of my favorite stylists and links to their work. It is sure to amaze you!  

The first is this blog by Marilinda Hodgdon who shares secrets of being a Food Floozie and Stylist. She began as a Cook in Ocean City NJ and in Los Angeles discovered she had a natural eye for detail and gave up Home Renovation and crafting Insect Jewelry to learn Food Styling. 

Then comes food stylist Christine Greaves and her work with Juliette Binoche on Chocolat. Greaves is represented by the Hers Agency in London, which also represents other well-known food stylists.

For film buffs, the london website Film and Food offers a virtual salon on the topic. Turns out Food in Films has a history that dates back to 1901 and a little known film entitled The Big Swallow. You have to watch this to fully appreciate it! (Film and Food also offers information and discussions on food in literature, in music, and in art!) Here is this little amuse bouche from their site:
In London, Tim Fisher, writer and director of Silent Sound Films put together a panel of panelists: Sami Zubaida, reader in sociology at Birkbeck; Cathy Greenhalgh, writer, filmmaker, and senior lecturer in cinematography at LCP School of Media; Pat Mire, writer, producer and director of Dirty Rice; Debbie Brodie, food stylist on Felicia's Journey and Hotel Splendide; and Clare Ferguson, television commercial food stylist.
And there are many others. For example, the Huffington Post told us how Nora Ephron created a sole meniuère ephiphany for viewers, much like Julia's legendary reaction to her first dish in France. Food stylist Susan Spungun shares with readers adventures in creating dishes for Julie and Julia, as well as Eat, Pray, Love, and It's Complicated.

And a bit more locally, Altanta's hot chef, food stylist, and author of the classic Bon Appetit Ya'll and the soon to be released Basic to Brilliant Ya'll Virginia Willis also produces reality TV cooking shows. Read her now legendary comment on Julie and Julia.

So tell me, do you have a favorite go-to Food Movie? and Why?

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