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Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch With Me: Adventures in Food Styling: Food Fantasies in Film

Last Monday we began our orbit of the Food-Styling Galaxy with this post.

But for now we're asking what is the metaphysical role of food in film? How can it be used to convey, on the one hand, the subtle expressions of social class, and on the other, the most explosive of passions?

Such thoughts consumed me as I began researching the world of food styling for my newest fiction project. Other questions rapidly followed: What are the practical problems of cooking and presenting food for the camera? And how can the arrangement and the color of the food contribute to the story's atmosphere and emotional setting?

Contemporary films are a treasure trove of riches for the foodie and food-styling initiate. Here is just a small list of gourmand worlds created for the big screen that you want to believe in:

Funny Magical Feast Scene from Hook

Bonnie Belknap was one of the food stylists for Hook.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Breakfast Scene in the Half-Blood Prince and a review of the behind the scenes food foibles

Round Table Dining in Harry Potter

Harry Potter Market Scenes were sometimes shot on Stoney Street in London

Juliette Binoche in Chocolat

Roasted Pintade with Bittersweet Demi-Glace in Chocolat

While I don't have the skill set to excel in food styling, I admire those who do. On Monday I'll share a list of my favorite stylists and links to their work. It is sure to amaze you!

Until then, à bientôt

Food Scenes From Various Movies
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