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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Is Food a Pilgrimage? How do you see it?

I'm interested to hear what you think of the whole Spanish avant garde Culinary Movement.

And in the same vein, is Ferran Adria a God? Can food stir your emotions?

Take a minute to get back to me on this.

I love how these three circles begin. And perhaps like a stone thrown in the pond, rings of pondering emerge.

1. A unique series of talks inspired by those culinary border pushing Spanish called: May I Have Your Order? which entertains the notion that you can Taste Words.

2. But here's a nice little cultural twist. It's happening at the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin. Yes, Ireland. What connects Dublin with Spain?

3. The first talk concerns Cooking Ideas and Dreams and features the ideas of two chefs, Iago Pazos and Marcos Cerqueiro, who began an avant garde Galician gastronomic concept, Abastos 2.0, in the wholesale food market of Santiago de Compostela, the end of the well-known Camino, or St. James Pilgrimage.

Is Food becoming the message about something more? How do you see it?


  1. "Regarding the Ireland connection with Spain, it seems likely that centuries before Christ, the mountain people of the Iberian peninsula (Basque) migrated to Ireland/Scotland and continued to be a pure race there. ( These same folks migrated thousands of years later to America and settled, at least partly, in the highlands of North Carolina. "

  2. It is so exciting to realize the Spanish came here --- to NC. I also wonder if it isn't this "Christopher Columbus" exploration syndrome which led the Spanish to push the edge of the gastronomic world too. What do you think?

  3. "Food is life. Is it not? Ferran Adria may be a genius, but not a god. He has a talent for developing resources, both human and material, to create a masterpiece that Picasso alone could never have accomplished. Ironically, Picasso's creations live on canvases into the future. But wait, while a meal doesn't live on the plate into the future, it lives in the humans who consume it. Food can be sustenance on a biological level but, add art and celebration, and the meal provides a sense of well-being that for some is spiritual. Food can be a pilgrimage, but it depends entirely on how the food is prepared and how it is received. Avant garde cooking in Spain is an art and a science worthy of study."

  4. Food is sustenance for sure! And the memory a meal or cooking creates is life-long. Ha, ha! You're right Ferran is a genius - what spark - I love that he has connected the whole Eating/Emotional quadrant! AND I love that in Spanish Doors, your novel, that Arden's quest to heal her patients and herself comes via the Spanish feasts of her father! :)


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