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Monday, February 13, 2012

Write With me: Marcel Proust on Croissants ~~ and Love?

In honor of Valentine's Day I was reading over my notes 
from an 18 month long class with 
local poet and mystery writer Judy Hogan on all, that's right, all, of Proust's compelling novel,  "Remembrance of Things Past." 

Much of Proust's work concerns the two "ways" 
or paths near Combray, his boyhood home. 
"Swann's Way and "The Guermantes Way." 

One is considered to be the path of love, and the other is the path of society. 

But I wondered, in the quote below is Marcel speaking 
about the path of love 
as well as croissants?

Let me know what you think!

Making Croissant Amande 

“A simple croissant, as we start to eat it, 

At Fassy Boulangerie near St Remy

can make us experience more pleasure than all the bunting, 
rock partridge and leveret dined on by Louis XVI, 

Chocolatine, anyone?

and the blade of grass quivering a few inches away from our eyes 
when we are lying down on a mountain side ~~~

If You Prefer Savory Selections...

may mask the towering peak of the mountain top if this is several miles away.” 

Delivering Le Pain

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