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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Write With Me: La Cote Basque, Mr. Capote, A Night in Tunisia

Do you have an Author who you consider your mentor?

My work in progress is getting a lot of attention these days, as I head towards another completion (oh that I can achieve this on time!) and explorations include the merge of fine dining with the world of food-styling, what it means and how it impacts the story and the film. 

Of course, Tunisia, is also involved. How is all this connected, logically, together? Listen to Ella, she sets the mood with her rendition of the song "A Night in Tunisia."

I have fairly well fastened another book to my wrist and that is The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

In my research I also learned a lot about the NYC restaurant Le Cote Basque and a work of Truman Capote called "Answered Prayers." This article in Vanity Fair  entitled "Bye Bye Society" in 1988 pretty much explains his dilemma. It is perfect!

As it turns out Truman thought he would write a Societal Work such as Remembrance of Things Past, as his idol did, and here we have a quote from that writer/idol who offers a bit of wisdom. 

“The pleasure that a writer experiences among them, far more than among other writers, is not without danger, for there is a risk of coming to believe that the things of the past have a charm in themselves, of transforming them bodily into this work, still-born in that case, exhaling a tedium for which he consoles himself with the reflection: It’s attractive because its true; that’s how people do talk.”

Marcel Proust.

Whose work do you admire? I guess I could say with all certainty, that Proust did it all so very well. But I am not about to line my room with cork. Corks maybe. But only if it doesn't quiet down soon. 
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