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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Writing Life: Vultures, Video, the Saxapahaw-Haw and a Plea to All Writers Near and Far

My dear and devoted readers,

This is going to be a fast blog - would that be a fl-og? or a bl-ast. Yes, a bl-ast.  That's what this is.

And that's what my writer and friend and cohort, Kitty Lynn, and I had last week. We may be starting a new series of bl-asting around the Chapel Hill/Saxapahaw environs. People often ask, what do writers do?

We're always in search sights, sounds, and inspirations. And possibly other writers.

If you're a writer in the Triangle area, we'd love to find you! Please leave a comment!

Here's what we found.

First thing we had to deal with was a dead vulture. But there was a blue dragonfly we just could not get a good photo of. Drat! And Kitty told the fable of the Lion. Yes, since first posted, I have fixed this video. You no longer have to view it by turning your head.

Then we met a toad or two down by the Haw River.

We enjoyed lunch at the very infamous Saxapahaw General Store.

Kitty Lynn Horsing Around

Along the Haw River

There Are Many Wondrous Sights

(No I Am Not One of Them)

And Roots

There was, well it IS still there, an immense tree hanging over the Haw and when you look into the intricate web of roots you can see a secret little enclave. That's right. It appears we had stumbled upon the shucking place for many a raccoon who enjoyed fresh water clams on many and any a moonlight night. 

So that's what we found. 

If you're a writer in the Triangle area, we'd love to find you! Please leave a comment!

(And if you're not in the Triangle we'd still love to connect with you. Please leave a comment!)

1 comment:

  1. Ha! My version of the Lion and the Mouse is SO different than another version that you brought up Dorette. Was it the thorn in the lion's paw? And the mouse so graciously and tenderly removed it. Another thing. What happened to my sophisticated, writerly, voice? Did the Haw River steal it?!


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