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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guest Chef Post: Jeremy Salamon

From time to time on Planting Cabbages I will feature a guest post. I am honored and thrilled to tell you about Jeremy Salamon, a dear young friend, chef and yes, writer of tales. Jeremy has been coming to C'est si Bon! for the last six summers, to help with Kid-Chefs and Teen-Chefs. But as if that weren't enough ~ in addition to cooking and writing Jeremy has a captivating perspective on all things food! Please cheer as he motors off to the Culinary Institute of America in a few days, his dream since he was 9 years old! Keep up with his jaunts via JeremyCooks or follow his photo stream on Instagram, also as  JeremyCooks.

For more story on our feasts and friendship, read my post on JeremyCooks

Merci, Jeremy, for sharing your thoughts and life! Keep On Writing.

(If you are interested in writing a guest post, please write to dorette at cestsibon dot net.)

Jeremy Salamon, 2012 (photo by Layne Sizemore)

A Time to Simmer

Back in June Dorette asked me a very reflective question. " What food or dish would describe this time in your life?". Well, to be frank I had no clue. As I thought about it more I came to the conclusion that this period in my life can best be defined as a veal stock. One that is in the process of simmering. You see, come this fall I'll be leaving for culinary school in New York (far away from the tentacles of South Florida).  

Like a stock, I've been through a lot. Now at eighteen you might say I'm a child. This may be true; I have my whole life in front of me. However, I'm no normal transitioning adolescent. I knew from an early age that I wanted to live food. I yearned to eat, create, read, write, and grow it. So when I was 12 I apprenticed in a country club peeling potatoes and cutting the ends of haricot verts (that'll teach you the virtue of patience).  From there I went on to work in Todd English's Wild Olives as a pantry cook making salads and plating desserts. I got "promoted" to fry cook, although they should call it a demotion at that point (just kidding). Recently, I worked as a line cook for a year in Brule Bistro located in Delray Beach, FL. Lucky for me I attended a high school that hosted a culinary academy. I competed in culinary competitions in-state and out. Somewhere in the middle of all this I created a website called JeremyCooks that took on a life of its own. To frost the cake, I spent summers with the most amazing and influential character in my life. She owns a cooking school with her husband and is in the process of publishing her first novel. I bet you can figure out just who she is for yourself.

Jeremy at Fickle Creek Farm, 2012

So my bones have been roasted with hearty vegetables, slathered in tomato paste, deglazed with port, and now sits on a back burner in large pot with peppercorns, bay leafs,and thyme floating around the top. I'm soaking up everything I've been taught and seasoned with. I'm enjoying what's left of this chapter in my life.

As I write this though I'm officially taking myself off the back burner. I'm finished simmering and I'm ready to move forward with my journey. Maybe I'll be made into a Port-Demi, an Au Poivre or I'll help braise a large piece of meat. I'll become something new but always retaining the flavor of my past. Because whatever it is I do transform into I'll always carry the people, the lesson's, and the adventure's with me.

At Gugelhupf, Durham

Alas, we should all simmer in our everyday lives. Soak up the laughs, every smile and beautiful moment; because one minute it's here and then, just like's gone.

Keep on Cooking,

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