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Saturday, September 8, 2012

At a Spanish Pilgrim's Table: The Packing Day

How long can it take to pack 10 pounds into a backpack?

Not long. Its the unpacking, evaluating and repacking that is lengthy!

So it goes when you travel. What to leave? What to take?

Passport and Spanish menu translations?

Its time for a long walk, on the wild and Spanish side! Join me here for the next month as my husband and tall tale teller, Rich, and I walk, dine, and maybe forage at some of Spain's most interesting tables along the Camino Frances!

To prepare our plates properly. A little bit of Hong Kong in Durham.


  1. It's difficult to decide on the right essentials to bring along with you on a trip so it just comes only normal that it also happens to you. It's just too much of a hassle sometimes that you wish you could just skip that part. At least you had a wonderful time after that.

    1. Abel, I hear you! Thanks for being here... what is essential to you? Yes, as the time ticks by.. I have to finish and get in the car, then the plane, then the train...then?? Merci!


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