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Friday, May 31, 2013

Write With Me: In Kneading There is No Geometry

I could say something very corny -- such as I'm on a roll. Or some such euphemism. And it is true. Everyday I am working and revising the words on the page, I find more synergy between the writer's journey and the steps of bread-making. 

And the best days of writing are like this. Just like this.  







Reflect and Begin Again

“In kneading there is no geometry, no edges, no breaks.  It is a seamless dream.
It’s work that can be done with the eyes closed. It is thus an intimate daydream.
It also has a rhythm, a hard rhythm that takes over the whole body.  It is thus vital.
What is more, this reverie bred by working the dough harmonizes with the desire for a special power, with the male exultation of penetrating the substance, stroking the inside of substances, knowing the grain from within, mastering the earth as intimately as water masters it, reclaiming an elemental force, taking part in the struggle of the elements, of participating in an irresistible power of dissolution.”

Gaston Bachelard, Water and Dreams
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