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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

C'est si Bon! Travel Tales: Morning at Fickle Creek Farm

*Before we dive into the mud here's a (moat and a) note of what I hope still amounts to some interest on the part of my Blog-readers.
There you are!
I am still here. And still kicking.
And you? How is your summer going?
Ye-gads. Summer. I don't blog very often during these weeks of summer Kid-Chef and Teen-Chef programs, but I do think about it and I do miss sitting down to write.
Here's a beginning of catching up with you!

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and these photos tell a bit of the story of Tuesday Morning's at Fickle Creek Farm, during Week One of our Carolina On My Plate Teen-Chef week. We arise, grab of cup of coffee or juice; nibble on granola, and prepare a strata with Ben Bergman, one of the owners of the farm. 

Then we go out for a farm walk - 
to see and hear the beauty around us.

This year there was rain drops on piggies.

And on both chicken and duck hens, 
drakes and roosters, 
cows and sowes and ewes.

We chopped and pickled and sauteed a good bit of the following! 

BASIL - Genovese, 
BEANS - Green beans, 
CARROTS - Nelson, 
CUCUMBERS - General Lee, Armenian, 
GARLIC - Lorz Italian, 
OKRA - Fickle Creek (limited quantities), 
ONIONS - White (Candy), Red (Red Candy Apple), 
POTATOES - Purple Viking and Carola, 

Thank you so much Ben and Noah and Daryl and all the merry workers who toil the soil on Fickle Creek Farm! Our Table wouldn't be nearly as delicious without you. 

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