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Thursday, September 25, 2014

French Travel Tales: Twelve Days (oops 16 Days) in Paris and Gascony

        Practicing a Little Bonjour

Beginning a journey to France, and while waiting for the plane, wanted to get started, or restarted, as its been ahwile since I posted.  

These "Twelve Days" Posts will embrace visiting markets and food destinations in Paris and in Gascony and what its like to cook with friends, new and old. These will be some deeply seasonal and regional foods, people, and experiences. It might be a little crazy. Can we pull it off? 

Shopping the Paris markets and cooking in an apartment is first. Well, finding the apartment is first. But Cori, my dear friend and the Lucy to my Ethel routine, is already there.

In the next few days, Cori and I will be scouting out Montparnasse one of my favorite arrondissements, and doung a little MEP! Making sure everything is in place, Mise En Place! 

I hope to share a funny story or two, the behind the scenes look at two quirky and hungry gals - who will become 4 Q and F gals - next week, in Paris. 

I encourage you that all the goodness of your kitchen is right there, waiting for you to step in and turn it on! 

        A Paris Book for the Plane
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