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Thursday, October 16, 2014

French Travel Tales: Phase Five, no...Six

The sun has set over our time, for the time being, in Poudenas and I'm feeling a wee bit guilty about leaving you in the lurch! 

What have you been up to?

We've entered Phase Five - no Six - of our trip to France. 

It's hard to believe that soon it will be 2 weeks since our little group of "Twelve Days" disbanded. 

What's happened since? 

Rich and I had a couple of days to ramble around the small villages that lead out of (or into) Condom on the Chemin de Santiago, in preparation for where we are now. 

Plan de Lot et Garonne (a map of sorts) 

Then our sons, Erick and Jaryd arrived...what a long journey from their homes in Colorado and California.

We enjoyed cooking as a family and one night full of stars for the lovely entourage of Marie-Claude, Christian, Sandrine, Jean-Claude and Jean-Antoine. 

Then, beaucoup Le Market in Condom and Auch. 

Armagnac tasting at Gelas in Vic-Fezensac.

And then Kayla - Erick's girlfriend arrived - another long journey behind her.  Welcomed in the only proper way, a Reblochon Pizza from La Galerie. She shared a beautiful bottle of 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company! 

Wear 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit! 

Jaryd, Papa, Marie-Claude, Kayla, Jean-Claude, Christian, and Erick!

The Arcade of La Galerie

 Nerac's amazing market..

Here are some litle moments from last week.

I bid you a lovely Vendredi, Friday! 

Erick and Jaryd in the kitchen at La Belle de Gasconne
Ah, the Hour of Pate c'est arrivee!

Jaryd and Erick hamming it up! 

Sleepy Chat in Fources

Door in Fources, the round bastide

Marie-Claude Gracia Rey, 
The Queen of Foie Gras! 
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