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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Read with Me: Foodies Read Challenge 2016 and a Confession

This morning as the rain drops fell on our last full day in SoCal, I was exploring one of my favorite blogs, Heather Schmidt-Gonzalez's Girlichef, and came across the Foodies Read Challenge 2016. As it is only January 5th, and it feels like there is still time for all things.

So. I. Decided. To. Accept. The. Challenge.

I reasoned that I am already reading and fooding, and this would be the proverbial piece of cake, or perhaps even better, a bowl of Roasted Pumpkin, Butternut Squash or Sweet Potato Ice Cream! which was a dish I made inspired by Dawn Tripp's novel, A Game of Secrets, but this was way back in gasp, 2011.

Roasted Pumpkin Ice Cream from my review of Game of Secrets

Game of Secrets, A Novel, by Dawn Tripp

Enter another challenge for me.

I read voraciously, and I have a slew, I tell you, of drafts of book reviews of all kinds that have inspired menus, and that I have never posted because they were always something to come back to, because my real job, the one that pays me, (and believe me I feel dirty even saying that, because I am so lucky and love what I do!) is teaching cooking and leading tours to France for both Teens and Adults with C'est si Bon!, my cooking school in Chapel Hill, NC.

Let me add one more ingredient to the stew of the slew of drafts. I confess I am hugely ADD. This means it is very easy for me to be lured by the brilliant flashing lights that beckon when starting things, but not necessarily when finishing them. But I look forward to joining a community of other bloggers for motivation on sticking with something that has eluded me for a long time. Finishing my writing work.

So in light of all this, I commit to finishing the book related posts I had begun, taking the small steps that each one needs to live and breathe as a little story in and of itself. With a wonderful menu. Of tested recipes.

The level I choose is that of Chef de Cuisine which means reading: 14 to 18 books.

I. Can. Do. This. Can't I?

Yes. You. Can!

Ok. We're. In.


If you also find yourself reading books with food in them, whether they are stained with soy sauce or red wine, or olive oil, consider joining in too! Sign-up for the Foodies Read Challenge 2016 which is being hosted by Heather - a DVM who owns a Senegal parrot named Jules, over at Based On a True Story.
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