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About the Chef and the Writer

Just who does Dorette Snover think she is?

I ask that question very much with my tongue in my cheek because for a good deal of my life, I have asked myself!

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that twenty years ago a hurricane swept through my life and our property and when we cleared away the downed trees, up sprang the C'est si Bon! Cooking School, where I teach and raised our two sons with my husband, Rich, who is the Somm, the beekeeper, shitake-nurturer, composter of kitchen scraps, and tucker-inner of rosemary in the ground, in many hidden spoys, so I can't harvest it all on a whim.

But oddly enough it was the same downed trees, with muddy red clay roots, stubborn stumps, twisted branches, torn twigs, and the three or four fires we kept burning for weeks; that began my journey of writing.

Both parts get fed daily; like a levain; perhaps best described as a loving but challenging mother who puts her ear to the rustling the leaves, squirrels scurrying over the snow, and to the garlic poking through the warm April earth.

Marrying these two loves has taken time.
The similarities can be explained by the journey lived every day; whether new students coming for a class; or a new scene; both require equal measures of trust, and abandonment of previously held notions to travel paths forgotten, forbidden, and familiar.

Join me as they say in France, a' table! where begins a delicious fable.

Culinary Travel to France

Cooking Classes at C'est si Bon!

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