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Saturday, October 1, 2011

French Travel Tales: La Belle Gasconne, 2006: A Story Part 3

Read the first and the second episodes of the story of La Belle Gasconne.

We now pressed on to Le Maison de canard for foie gras, driving deeper into Nerac. Marie-Claude worried about parking. I pulled at the scarf around my neck, it was getting warmer. We had at least three more stops to make before noon. Bread. Poulet back in Mezin. Creme and butter flour and eggs at the grocery. The bells chimed in the square near St. Nicolas. I prayed that time would give us a break, stop with a generous soupçon for both shopping and dejeuner.

Shopping in Nerac

Le Masion de canard was a cool and calm shop. The owner greeted Marie-Claude as if he had calculated our exact arrival time. He pulled out two fat livers, ready and wrapped for us. The color was perfect and golden. Marie-Claude exclaimed with joy.

The moment of the salad was upon us. She asked if I wouldn't like some saucisse sec for aperitifs. Bien sûr. Of course. At the time I couldn't imagine the actual cooking of the meal consuming much more than a couple of hours if it was streeeetched out. I thought a spicy and a cêpes (porcini) flavored saucissse would be a nice thought.

What a Laitue Selection!

Bells rang, both of the shop door and of Nerac, as we left, foie and saucisse in tow. Time pressed in, even onto Marie-Claude. She thought it might be best if we could split up.

Constance and Cathy decided they would go off into Nerac to trinket shop and then to lunch. Mary and Glen wanted different agendas, Jon wanted lunch! And as we all gathered, all in some great circle, clutching at what we wanted, every moment slipped away.

One coherent force, Erick, swayed to action. He knew the inner tickings of the chef. We still had to butter and to egg, and to chicken. Shopping was still very much not over.

Half-Timbered Houses of Nerac

Samantha happily snapping shots of cafes and petite Nerac, we separated, promised to meet at five for the class back at the millhouse. We made for the supermarché at the outside of town when suddenly it occurred to us that the lettuce was safely and warmly tucked in the trunk of: Constance's car. They would not return till it was time to don aprons, swill and cook!

Rue de la Langue

Erick ran down the rue de La Langue of old Nerac, chasing Constance and Cathy into the quarters of the tanneries--Samantha chasing Erick, her camera bouncing at her hip.

Petite Nerac

Stay tuned for La Belle Gasconne Part Four!
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