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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Write With Me: Merging Snails and Oc

This dough began with a full ladle of levain. Pinch of yeast. Salt. Teff and Semolina flour. And enough Lindley Mill bread flour kneaded in to bring it all together. 

The sky darkened. 

Cargarula, which by the way - means snail in the ancient language of Oc, rose on the wood table for 4 hours before being tucked in the fridge to wait for the snow/ice storm to continue/begin. The next morning Cargarula came out, got punched down and rose about six hours more. 

As an experiment a few sentences of the story got rolled and tucked inside the snail, Cargarula. Now you know. Then spiraled, set on the back of a cornmeal lined sheet pan and slid onto a hot stone in a 400 degree Viking. 

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