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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Cooking Life: Mead All About It

Welcome to Mead All About It, Part One of our Fermented Beverage Series. Go here to read Part Two, Drinking in Danger. 

My husband, Rich, the beekeeper of C'est si Bon! came back yesterday from checking on his hives. "They'll have enough honey to get through the winter."

(Look for an update on their survival of Winter Storm 2017.)

Rich's Bee Suit

That's awesome news! See below for two recipes great to pair with your mead tasting. 

Though its hard to think we won't get to taste the good stuff, by extracting their honey, its far more important to keep the bees well fed with the honey they worked hard to make. It's a complicated issue but basically its about bee preservation.

Connected to the bees is certainly one the oldest fermented beverages known, and one of the most delicious, better known as Mead.

Our "mead to know" level has recently increased. We began years ago with a mead class given by Starrlight Mead, which we visited recently again in preparation for a Taste the Adventure in North Carolina week next summer. 

We've journeyed with our oldest son, Erick, deep into the Colorado Rockies near Pallisades and had our mouths tickled by the fermented mountain honey at Meadery of the Rockies.  

Then, last week as part of Thanksgiving in Asheville, we got to taste mead made with, yes, Avocado Honey. Many more meads are currently in the R & D phase with Wehrloom Honey out of of Robbinsville, NC.

Here's a few other drizzles of info.

Did you know that a mazer is a mead-maker?
Mead was first made by Egyptians and was mentioned in Beowolf.  

But you want to be a mazer, and make your own Mead? Where can you find honey? There are different kinds of mead, but all are made with honey, water and yeast. 

Wildflower honey is used quite often. But might you also consider Butterbean Honey? Bamboo Honey or Radish Honey?Nope, neither had I. But the folks at Beefolks have. And you can order bulk honey from them. 
Just want to nab a few bottles?

Sam's Quik Stop - lots of mead!

Want to also taste?

Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro. Want to make mead? 

Supplies available at the Fifth Season in Carrboro

You'll mead a tutorial on yeast. 
What? All yeast isn't the same? Mead-makers use a wine-makers yeast. Also you'll need to learn about residual sugar and what kind of mead you want to make. Good mead is not really, sweet. Really. 

Class with Starrlight Mead at Eno River

Tasting Tutorial with Starrlight Mead

How to Actually Make Mead. Oh boy. Carboy. 

Two recipes to accompany your flight of mead! 

Barcelona Brittle with Smoked Paprika and Black Pepper Chocolate!

Salade Frisee Lardon with Crispy Duck Confit and Sesame Dressing!

Come back for Part Two of Our Fermented Beverage Series
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